Food Markets

Food Markets

If you were to wake up at 4.00am on a Saturday or Wednesday morning with a touch of jet lag and wander down Blaye’s main street, you might be surprised at what you’ll find. A “bucherie” with french country meats hurrying to set up their stand, the boulangère with his hot baguettes, chocolatines and croissants setting up shop. Vehicles of all shapes and sizes  arriving with seafood from the Bay of Arcachon, fine cheeses from the Loire Valley, farm-fresh fruit, vegetables, poultry – the list goes on – and often at prices less than in your home supermarket.

But that is just in Blaye – almost every day of the week there is a food market within a few kilometers of Blaye.

Sundays head for Bourg – just 15 km upriver is this historic town with Roman heritage and an excellent food market between 8am and noon. Stock up on fresh oysters, baguette and rotisserie-roasted chicken for your Sunday lunch.

If you feel like a drive farther afield – Sundays in the city of Bordeaux are fabulous. Start your morning at the Brocante (flea market) around the Basilica of St. Michael – antique bric a brac at bargain prices. Then lunch at the river-front at the biggest and best food market ever. Look out for Jean-Luc and Jackie – their apple cider is to die for.

Be sure to take the river-side route back to Blaye – it is scenic.

Click HERE for more information about food markets around Bordeaux. Look under Gironde (33).